And why we call our headrest covers RIDECAPS

By Dewey Oates


It all started out as an answer to my own question. How I can I increase my daily tips?

After studying other options such as dangling window tags and hanging signs in the backseat, I decided to create a product that would increase my income, improve my rating and invigorate the passenger's ride, without obstructing my view or becoming a nuisance to my customers.

After several months of tinkering back and forth, I finally settled on developing a customized headrest cover that can display changeable messages throughout the year. After receiving my prototype, I decided to shared it with the public.

The first day I used it, to my surprise, I received $31.00 in tips between Uber and Lyft! For the next two weeks I continued to see an improvement in my tipping stats. Armed with the confidence of knowing for certain that the product worked, I set out to see if I could sell them to other rideshare drivers. Voila! 42 sales in one day!

I decided to keep going.

We've since gone on to call our product RIDECAPs, which is an acronym for RIDEshare Car Advertising Product. Today we've grown to sell the RIDECAP covers nationally for LYFT and Uber, with over 25 different RIDECAP inserts for each service, including our HOLIDAY PACK, BRAINTEASERS, REFERRAL BONUS inserts and more. With continued success we are rapidly expanding to cover other rideshare services internationally.

With office space located in the Los Angeles area, we still drive by day while fulfilling orders at night. As rideshare drivers ourselves, we know that RIDECAPS are the optimal way to make your ride much more personal and relaxing. Passengers love a courteous driver, a well-maintained car, and a reminder that you do this with passion is certainly a plus!

From our experience the RIDECAP covers and inserts are a must-have if you want to increase your tips, improve your rating and invigorate the customer experience.

Since the advent of Uber's new tipping policy, we here at feel that we are perfectly positioned to educate the passenger on the use of the "app-tip" option and the fantastic benefits to us drivers.

Our goal is to help EVERY rideshare driver maximize their earning potential. Join us.

As always, Uber On while you Lyft Off!

Dewey Oates, Founder of